Great sleeping habits and fitness are two things that often go hand in hand. This month, we sat down with Jeenie Brasseur, owner and fitness expert over at KeepFit Women, to explore the relationship between sleep and fitness and to learn more about her inspirational story.


Why Did You Start Keepfit Women?


I have always had a passion for fitness. Many other fitness programs only focus on physical results, and rarely take a holistic approach to fitness and healthiness.

It was important for me to find a fitness system that provided more than just a promise of weight loss. I wanted a system that could help me improve my nutrition and wellness too.

That’s where the idea for KeepFit Women came from. It was about creating fun and motivating fitness programs that promote sustainable fitness, simple nutrition, and improving your mindset.


What is Your Vision?


Creating a fitness program and community with a warm and welcoming environment was essential to me. My goal is help women crush their health and fitness goals, and to teach them about nutrition, mindset and general wellbeing. And the real bonus, they can be part of a community of women that will motivate and push them to do amazing things.

I find that many people obsess over their weight. But weight is a terrible indicator of how you’re doing. At KeepFit Women, we measure success by strength gained, how our clothes fit, cardiovascular health improvements, and how our members FEEL!


What Motivates You?


My kids.

I want to be able to play soccer, run around, live until I’m old, and feel good. My kids are big motivators for me.

I’m also motivated by the success of my members too. There’s something amazing about being told that you’re helping people change their lives for the better. It really lights a fire in my stomach and pushes me to keep going.


How Do You Handle the StrollerFit Class?


My StrollerFit class is all about the moms. Giving them a chance to get a good workout in, in a non-judgmental ‘mom zone’. We are a team, we all help each other feel good, and I’ll even pick your baby up if they start crying. This class is about community and giving moms the gift of self-care.


How Important is Rest and Sleep for Fitness, and How Does It Impact the Mind?


I have Resten to thank for the most sound and comfortable sleeps. Since getting our new ‘Hybrid Medium Firm’ bed, my pelvis injury and my husband back have felt so much better! Not only have we noticed more restful sleeps, but we are so happy that our kiddos can play on the bed without the worry off toxic smells or off gassing. We are definitely grateful for this high quality, comfy, locally made bed!


Now, what about the importance of sleep?

    • Sleep is one of the most important things I tell members to focus on. Exercise and eating healthy are important, but a good night’s sleep can make all the difference when it comes to your success.
    • Sleep reduces stress levels, makes you feel better, improves your mental health. All of these things are really important for reaching your fitness goals
    • Sleep helps your body heal after a workout. You need enough sleep to recoup and give your muscles time to heal.
    • Sleep is also important for optimal hormone health your stress hormones, and even your hunger hormones.) Aim to get 7-9 hours of sleep each night to see and feel all the benefits of sleep!


What Does Your Bedtime Routine Look Like?


My bedtime routine includes attempting to move away from all devices. That means minimizing TV/phone time, using blue blocker glasses, drinking non-caffeinated tea, avoiding comfort foot, and (if time permits) 5-10 minutes of guided meditation.

I love climbing into my Resten bed each night and getting a good night’s sleep.

Everyone has different sleep habits. I know I need around nine hours of sleep if I wanted to wake up feeling ready for the day.


Is There Anything You’d Like to Say to Women Out There?


You can do it. It’s never too late to get started in bettering your health! If you are looking for some guidance and motivation, feel free to reach out.  I am always up for a chat!


A Few Bonus Questions

What Should I Do If I’m Hungry at Night?

Just eat, but look for foods that are higher in fat and protein to keep you full and fueled. Try to avoid mindlessly snacking on high carb foods (like chips and crackers).

My personal favourite? Half an avocado with hot sauce—you can’t beat that.

How Can I Get Back Into Exercising?

It’s about finding something you will enjoy and staying accountable. What works for someone else may not work for you. Find out what physical activity you like and start doing it. It won’t take long for your body to adapt and for you to see progress.

What’s Your Favourite Healthy Snack?

Apples and peanut butter. Love them!

What’s Your Favourite Exercise(s)

Squats. Oh, and burpees!




If you’re interested in checking out what KeepFit Women has to offer head over to their website or Instagram to learn more. At Resten we absolutely love support the community and Jeenie and her team are making a BIG impact.