Mattresses: Resten vs. Bloom

Author: Boy Who Blogs

Three months after sleeping on my Resten Luxe mattress; I’m ready to share with the world an update on my mattress in a box journey! You might remember back in January, I shared a blog post about my mattress in a box.

Shopping for a mattress can be overwhelming. There are so many options to pick from and ultimately, I had no clue what I was looking for. I just wanted a better mattress. Last year I was sleeping on a cheap mattress that was made up of springs and overtime had a huge pit in the middle. It was cheap and a bandaid until I was able to invest in a better mattress. That’s where I went wrong. Do not cheap out on a mattress – do your research!

Ultimately, after comparing brands like Endy, Casper, Bloom and Douglas I found myself at a Sleep Country showroom trying their different Bloom mattresses. Price wasn’t a big factor for me at this point – I just wanted a good mattress that would last! I was sick of waking up sore. I decided on the Bloom Air. It was a little bit firm, but not too firm. It was soft and certainly better than what I had been sleeping with. I was satisfied but overtime noticed it wasn’t as firm as I had wanted. When it arrived, it had that glue smell.

A few months later, I heard about a local company – Resten. They had started to promote their different mattress in a box options and set up a showroom in Whitby, Ontario. I tried out their Solace and Luxe mattress and really liked the Luxe. It was more firm than my Bloom Air. This was the one I needed! While the Bloom Air was okay – I knew it wasn’t the one for me. I needed something a little more firm.

Fast forward to July, my Resten mattress arrived. It was delivered by Kevin, their founder. If you live within the GTA, he will more than likely be the one to drop off your mattress! If you think you might be interested in ordering one, feel free to check out their showroom and save 25% off your order with promo code: boywhosleeps

He isn’t new to the mattress world! In fact, he has been designing, testing, and developing mattresses for long-term care facilities in Canada for nearly ten years. It felt right working with him! When you purchase from Resten, you are purchasing a quality product and supporting a local, small business. Beyond that, I found out that the smell that you may get from a few of the other mattress in a box companies is the glue. Bigger companies glue pieces together. Resten has small batches and is able to cut the mattresses to size without the added glue to maintain their quality standards.

What I love about small business owners is that they are invested in their brand. I don’t only mean financially! With Resten, you get up to 100 nights to return your Resten mattress and shipping is free within Canada.

You can read more about Resten, their mattresses and about their Refer-a-Friend program on their website:

Save 25% your order with promo code: boywhosleeps