The idea of napping at work may seem strange to many, but there are legitimate benefits that many businesses aren’t aware of. According to the National Sleep Foundation, having a 30-minute nap is a healthy option for any employee and can improve work performance. 

After all, a rested employee is a more focused employee. And there are some wonderful health perks too.

When well-rested, your body will lower its cortisol levels, which helps reduce blood pressure, sleep disruptions, irritability, increase energy levels, and even prevent diabetes. Great amounts of this stress hormone can cause high blood pressure, sleep disruptions, bad moods, reduced energy levels, and diabetes.


Today, we’re reimagining napping at work. 


Gone is the era where napping at work is perceived negatively. An increasing number of Canadian companies are installing nap rooms to attract talent and keep their workforce healthy and productive.

Employers are starting to realize the impact of nap rooms and are beginning to offer this as a workplace benefit.

So, how important is napping? Let’s find out. 


Enhances an Employee’s Memory and Learning Ability


Drinking a cup of coffee is the typical response of any tired employees to stay alert and awake at work. But napping is a better choice. 

Napping has proven to be a more powerful memory and learning booster than the caffeine found in coffee. A university in Germany completed a study and discovered that participants with up to 60 minutes of rest were five times more effective at remembering words than those who participants with caffeine.


Improve Workforce Creativity


Being creative all the time is tough. Designers, copywriters, and programmers know this struggle extremely well.

One Harvard study found that napping increases a person’s right-brain functions. When allowed to nap, an employee enters a phase of rapid eye movement (REM) sleep – a unique sleep period where the body enters a dreamy phase. With a REM sleep phase, a brain’s creative side is activated. A good rest enhances the productivity of your employees.  


Better Work Accuracy and Focus


It’s no secret that today’s workplaces are more demanding than ever. Staying focused all day is challenging, especially if you work in a stressful role. That’s why many modern workplaces are turning to innovative solutions like napping to help improve focus. 

A 2007 study discovered that an individual who lacks rest suffers from impaired cognitive abilities. An employee deprived of sufficient rest can feel the challenge of putting concentration on work tasks at hand. With a good power nap, an individual’s short-term memory gets a good booster. You can be sure to sharpen the accuracy of a workforce just by allowing them to nap.  


Build a Happier Workforce and Environment


We’re not always at our best when tired. A power nap is one of the greatest ways to overcome fatigue, which can increase productivity.

Cortisol is a hormone released by the adrenal gland when an individual is undergoing stress. This hormone is helpful in small amounts. But at higher levels, it can affect an employee’s ability to regulate emotions. 

If your workforce lacks rest, be prepared to face employees with lower resistance to withstand frustration. It certainly isn’t pleasant to have an environment filled with sudden bursts of rage around the office. 


Support Better Decision-Making


Decision-making is an important aspect of any workplace. Whether it’s sales, marketing, or your development teams, decisions are made every second.

Napping gives you the ability to ensure that your employees are making those decisions with a clear mind.

It also allows employees to adapt to new concepts faster. Sufficient rest is vital for providing employees with cognitive flexibility. Pro-napping office policies help improve employee alertness and allow them to make better decisions at work. 


Active and Energetic Employees


Every workplace seeks for happy and productive employees. That’s something modern businesses in Silicon Valley have been trying to achieve for decades.

According to the National Sleep Foundation, an individual’s body functions at its best when well-rested. 

You can help reduce the effects of the daily grind just by offering the option for a power nap. Napping helps our bodies with “temperature regulation, a strong immune system, steady hormone levels, and a good appetite.” 

And more importantly – a workforce with enhanced energy can perform work tasks with greater effectiveness during business hours.


Develops a Healthy Workforce


When employees start taking medical leaves, it can impact your bottom line as you look for ways to fill in the gaps.

A successful rest policy allows employers to drastically reduce work obstacles from employees caused by illnesses related to fatigue, stress, and overworking.

A lack of rest can increase the risk of developing seven different types of diseases. These diseases include things like high blood pressure, strokes, and diabetes. 

Something as simple as letting your employees rest can help you reduce downtime caused by sick leaves.


Improve Your Employee’s Health – Create a Nap Culture in Your Workplace


Are you looking to improve your employee’s health? Consider setting up a power nap policy at your workplace. 

Remember, a healthier workforce can improve a company’s efficiency and productivity.



It’s important that you establish boundaries when creating your power nap policy. Here are a few tips to consider: 


  • A good power nap is between 10 to 30 minutes. This amount of time is enough to help employees maintain health and alertness without sacrificing productivity.
  • Remember to assign the right areas for nap time. You don’t want your visitors to see a room full of sleeping employees. You may designate dedicated nap pods, sleeping rooms, or a spare meeting room for this purpose.

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