Most buyers in the market for a new mattress wonder what differences are between models and brands and whether those distinctions are even significant enough to be worth considering. One bed is just like any other, right?

There’s actually a lot to think about when choosing the mattress you’ll be using for the next several years.

For example, the Resten Luxe and the Leesa Original both have great features, technology, and price points. However, buyers will benefit from knowing which brand fits their use cases better. We will be comparing these two mattresses to help you make your decision.


Resten’s Luxe Leesa’s Original
Comfort Triple layer, medium-soft Triple layer, medium-firm
Moisture Management TENCEL fabrics flow moisture away from the user Merino wool for moisture-wicking, but only on the top-end model
Foam Density 8-inch high-density, 2-inch comfort foam 6-inch high-density, 2-inch comfort foam
Thermoregulation 16% better heat regulation through graphene-infused memory foam Essential heat regulation through hole-punched layers and breathable covers
Transfer of Motion Localized movement Targeted relief (high-end model only)
Ease of Cleaning Zippered mattress cover for easy washing No zipper cover
Manufacturing Sourced entirely from Canada Assembled in the US, sourced from outside
Ease of Installation Unfolds to full size Optional in-home installation service
Perks Trial period, free shipping, 10-year warranty, financing Trial period, free shipping, 10-year warranty, financing, donations
Price $1,195 for a Queen $1290 for a Queen



While both mattresses come with triple-layers, Resten describes its Luxe model as “medium-soft,” while Leesa aims for a “medium-firm” feel. There are far more specifications that determine how comfortable a bed is, so don’t stop here.


Moisture Management

The Resten Luxe uses a sustainable, environmentally-friendly fabric known as TENCEL, designed to manage moisture by absorbing and releasing it away from the sleeper.

While Leesa does use Merino wool for moisture dissipation, it’s only available on the high-end Legend mattress. Lower-tier products, including the Original, do not have moisture-wicking properties.

Foam Density

Resten uses 8 inches of high-density HR foam alongside 2 inches of comfort foam. Leesa uses 6 inches of high-density with 2 inches of comfort.

Something to note about Leesa Original is that while it’s mostly foam, the company’s more expensive offerings do come with pocket springs and perimeter coils for edge support.



Resten boasts about its graphene-infused memory foam that specializes in heat dissipation. It uses open cells of air for breathability, resulting in a 16% better heat transfer than traditional memory foam.

Leesa combines breathable covers with hole-punched comfort layers and pocket spring coils in its more expensive models for improved heat retention, though buyers of the Original model may not receive significant thermoregulation.


Transfer of Motion

 The Luxe prevents motion from transferring across the mattress so that you can’t disturb your partner when tossing, turning, or getting up from bed. It uses even weight distribution and other technologies to accomplish this.

Leesa does not appear to offer an analogous feature on the Original, though it does mention “targeted relief dual hybrid layers” on its high-end Legend mattress.


Ease of Cleaning

Both mattresses are Certipur-US certified, meaning bacterial growth is a non-issue. Resten’s TENCEL fabric technology offers additional protection against bacteria and liquid stains, as well as fully removable cover that can be washed in the washing machine.



 Resten is a Canadian-owned and operated company, whose founder Kevin Saunders spent years working in the healthcare industry.

Our company is proud to manufacture all of our mattresses in Canada and we source all components and steel from North America. Every Resten mattress is assembled in Toronto and the Durham Region, while all covers are sewn in Montreal. 

Leesa designs and assembles in the US but does not specify where it sources individual components. This likely means that select parts do come from China.

Ease of Installation

The Luxe ships in a compact box and unfolds to full size in your room. Leesa offers optional in-home delivery and mattress removal services at an extra cost.


Perks from both companies seem similar, as both the Luxe and Original come with:

  • A 100-night trial period
  • Free shipping
  • 10-year warranty
  • Available financing


Pricing varies depending on the size you choose (Twin, Double, Queen, and King).  Leesa mattresses on average appear to be $100 higher in cost  compared to Canadian Made Resten Mattress. 

So, What’s the Verdict?

The Resten Luxe is superior to the Leesa in many categories, most notably the technology it uses, the fact that its parts and all manufacturing are from Canada, and that our delivery process is more friendly.

If you value purchasing a product that has its parts sourced in Canada and that’s manufactured by Canadian companies, then Resten is the choice for you. We take pride in creating local jobs, building better mattresses that are backed by our experience in healthcare, and to promoting happy and healthy sleeping habits.


Are you looking for a new mattress? Try a Resten today and sleep comfortably knowing that your purchase is backed by our 100-night sleep trial.