About Your New Resten

Sleep Quality

What type of bed frame should I use?
Just like your house needs a foundation to provide stability and support, a mattress requires a base for peak performance. A box spring, slat bed with proper spacing, pan deck, or one of our power adjustable beds are excellent choices.

Where are the Resten mattresses made?

We proudly make all Resten mattresses in Toronto, Ontario. Our foam, covers, and even the cardboard box all come from within the GTA.

Will I sleep cooler?

Temperature variation, reduced sweating, and deeper sleep are the prime focus of mattress manufacturers. At Resten, we are always pushing the envelope with new technologies. Consumers have relied on gel foams, cool gels, and other forms of cooling in combination with a spring or foam core. The challenge with gel foam is that they reach a saturation point where the foam can no longer dissipate heat effectively.

Depending on the individual, this typically occurs in the middle of the night during your REM cycle.

At Resten, we take advantage of newer technologies that do not have this side effect. Our Luxe mattress uses graphite-infused foam that maintains excellent heat expulsion, combined with a Tencel cover that’s cooler than linen. Our Solace mattress uses a Serene™ foam top that’s proven to perform 16% better than conventional memory foams.

Are Resten matresses hypoallergenic?

Yes, Resten mattresses are hypoallergenic and Certipur-US certified which means our foam is tested for both safety and quality.

Shipping and Setup

What happens when I place my order?

You will receive a confirmation that the transaction has been completed with your billing/shipping details and an order number. Shortly after, you will be provided with a tracking number for your mattress or bedding shipment that you can use to follow the process online.

If you’ve purchased a power-adjustable bed, you will receive a call in a few days from Alero Worldwide to schedule your delivery and setup. Alero will bring both your bed and mattress if they’ve been purchased at the same time. A few days after the delivery has been completed, if you’ve indicated during the checkout, you will receive a call to schedule the removal of your old mattress.

Approximately one week after you’ve received your new items, we will follow-up with an email to ensure everything is working out perfectly. You can contact us at any time during the order/delivery/receiving process atinfo@resten.ca. Please provide your order number when doing so.

Can you explain Resten’s 100-night rest guarentee?

We provide you with the necessary time to transition to your new Resten mattress. This ensures that you are 100% satisfied with your decision and eliminates all risk. If it isn’t providing you with optimal rest, simply contact us and we will arrange to have it taken away free of charge.


What are the typical shipping times?

Shipping times for a mattress purchase are approximately 3-5 business days. You will be provided with a tracking number to follow the shipment online. Power adjustable beds will be scheduled at your convenience. We ship all beds from Toronto, so lead times vary depending on your province. In most cases, you will be contacted within 5-7 business days to arrange delivery /setup. If you’ve ordered a mattress with your bed, they will ship together.

How do I unbox my Resten matress?

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Lay the box on its side in the room you intend to use the mattress in.


Place the mattress on any foundation you plan to use and begin to cut away the plastic wrap with the cutting tool.


Begin to unroll and remove the plastic wrap as the mattress starts to expand.


Watch as your Resten takes its shape and plan for your first night of sleep!


Can I put my Resten mattress back in the box?

This is a common question we get asked. Let’s put it this way… if you can get it back in the box, we have a job for you! We use state of the art compression rolling equipment worth over a half million dollars to properly and evening compress, seal, wrap and roll the mattresses prior to packaging. If for any reason you aren’t happy with your purchase and want to return it, don’t worry, we will have it picked up. Our drivers will wrap and load the mattress as is, so no worries about trying to squish it back in the box. Although it would make for some funny videos!

What happens when I return my mattress?

Health Canada prohibits the resale of used mattresses. Whenever we get a return on a mattress (which isn’t often), we look to responsibly rehome the mattress to a family or organization in need of a new bed. We believe in giving back to our community and work with local charities and shelters to avoid sending perfectly functional mattresses to the landfill.


For any questions, please take a look at our FAQ section. Otherwise, our team is always happy to help!